Crickets are a great protein source for our body and for the planet

The Food of the Future!

So good, so popular!

2 billion of people all around the world consider insects as part of their diet. Guess why? Insects are nutritionally balanced and incredibly delicious. Moreover, they are iper-sustainable and require dradtically less water, feed and space compared to traditional protein sources.


Water consumption

Crickets require the 0,05% of the water that cows do to produce the same amount of proteins.

water consumption

Land usage

One third of emerged lands is already being used for meat production. On average, 200sqm of land are used to produce 1kg of beef. For insects 15sqm are enough.


Square meters required to produce 1Kg of beef and 1Kg of crickets.

Greenhouse gas emissions

Crickets produce 1% of the greenhouse gases that cows produce. Livestock industries are the second world cause of atmospheric pollution.

Incredibly Nutritious

Rich in proteins

They have a protein value of 69% (amount on the dry weight) which is the double of beef.


Protein value on the dry weight of cricket, cow, chicken and salmon

Nutritionally balanced

Crickets are rich in vitamins. They contain the same amount of B12 as salmon. They are high in Phosphorus, Iron and Potassium. They have 15% more iron than spinach!

Simply delicious

Taste so good!

Crickets taste reminds of hazelnut, or of dried fruit in general. At Crické, our italian chef use a fine cricket powder which adds a smooth nutty flavor to our products.

We take the best protein, add 100% natural ingredients and create nutrient and delicious products following the recipes of italian cooking tradition.