Smart snacking (at home)

Crické Team Wellness

Hey guys, as most of us have completely changed their routines, staying at home many hours more, the temptation of snacking non-stop during the day is quite hard to resist. We are experiencing it firsthand! We thought of dropping a couple of lines about snacking a bit smarter and sharing a few pieces of advice that are really working for us.

Enjoy snacking. Gosh, we were the kings of eating while multitasking but recently we are trying not to snack doing something else in the meantime like working or surfing the internet. The only exception is movies and popcorn, but come on, they are simply meant to be together! Apart from that, we suggest to stop whatever you are doing for a couple of minutes and fully enjoy your snacking-time. This way you’ll have a proper break and you’ll also better realise how much you are actually eating.

Vary as much as you can. Snacking can be a moment of rest but also a moment of discovery. Don’t simply grab the same snack every day. We don’t eat the same stuff for lunch and dinner, why should we when nibbling?
For us, trying something new for the first time is pure joy. And at this moment when adventures are scarce, why giving up the excitement of trying something a bit unconventional, even if it’s just a snack?
But it’s not just to avoid the boredom but also to get different nutrients from different foods. If you had fruit in the morning, maybe you can have a source of protein in the afternoon? Or even better, mix foods in order to have more than one macronutrient (protein, fat, carbohydrate) at each break.

Facts behind the claims.
We always have a look at the ingredient list and nutritional values. We are curious to know the ingredients that were used, which ratio, etc. We are a bit obsessed probably. But sometimes it’s actually useful to do so: some claims that we see on the front of pack may be a bit misleading. “No added sugar” foods may actually contain quite a lot of sugars (check your orange juice for example) or a food that is marketed as a “source of protein” may have a lower protein content than a pasta dish. We do NOT encourage to count the number of calories in every food you consume but we strongly encourage to know a bit more about what you eat.

Enjoy snacking pt.2 Don’t eat a snack you don’t like just because it’s healthy. And remember to enjoy a small treat every now and then!

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