Whole Roasted Crickets

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Treat yourself with an extra dose of protein, vitamins, minerals and taste. Try our 100% crunchy, whole, roasted crickets crammed with 68% protein! They are the ideal snack for those looking for a sustainable snack that is also filled with healthy nutrients. Grab a handful of crickets and guess why 2 billion people around the world are craving for insects.

w High in Protein
w High in Vitamin B12
w High in Iron
w Naturally Crispy
w Warm them in a pan for extra crucnhiness


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These insect snacks help promote food sustainability while keeping you fuelled with fast and slow-release energy, protein and fats. Crickets are one of the most sustainable protein sources that we can rely on. To produce the same amount of beef, cricket consumes 10x less feed, 100xless GHG, 100x less time, 200x less land, and 2000x less water. They’re high in protein, vitamin B12, iron and potassium. Roasted crickets are highly digestible and are rich in complete protein containing all essential amino acids. Not sure of how to eat them? Let your imagination fly! These tasty edible insects can be enjoyed simply on their own as snacks or sprinkled on soups, velouté, salads, or mixed with fried rice, beans, noodles, or as stuffing to tacos, empanadas, sandwiches. They deliver a distinctive earthy and nutty flavour and add an addictive crunch to dishes. Crickets have a safe consumption history of 2,000 years and are the regular diet of more than 2 billion people worldwide. Our crickets are farmed and fed specifically for human consumption. At Crické, we’re serious about two things. Outrageously tasty, wholesome ingredients and exploring new protein alternative good for you and more respectful towards our planet. The food of the future has never been so amazingly tasty!

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