Cricket Powder

Weight: 100g


100% crickets, 75% protein! Add it to anything to prepare wholesome, protein-rich, nutty dishes.

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Nutritional values:
Our Cricket Powder is comprised of 100% dried and milled crickets into a high-protein powder. Crickets have an impressive protein value of 69% (on dry weight) and, differently from plant protein, are a source of high-quality and complete protein, containing all the essential amino acids. They are also rich in fibre and minerals like calcium and iron – over twice as much iron than spinach. And vitamin B12 – lacking in the vegetarian and vegan diet. Source of omega 3 fatty acids. Non-GMO, soy-, dairy-, and gluten-free.

Taste and how to use:
Our Cricket Powder tastes great! It has a unique nutty flavour that perfectly harmonizes with all baked goods – sweet and savoury. Ideal for cookies and cakes, bread, crackers and crispbread. We suggest to use it for baking mixing three parts of traditional flour to one part cricket flour. Also, add it to shakes, smoothies to boost the protein value. Or to sauces, spreads and dips and intensify the earthy aroma.

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Use Cricket Powder to add a unique flavour and a protein boost to your meals.

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