4x Cricket Crackers – Tomato & Oregano


Lovingly baked, crisp Cricket Crackers with tomato and oregano to tease your taste buds with a touch of the Mediterranean glee. Each bite is packed with the unexpected taste of edible insects and all the nutrients you need to enliven your day. High in protein, vitamin B12 bites.

w 15% Cricket Powder
w 6-7 crickets per cracker! 🤯
w High in Protein
w High in Vitamin B12
w Source of Fibre
w with EVO Oil
w with REAL tomato powder


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These unbelievably tasty snacks will let you enjoy the nutritional benefits of edible insects without even noticing. Had them as a snack on their own as they are delectable. Try them with lunchtime soup or salad, or matched with your topping of choice. Amazing with hummus, guacamole, or any veggie relish. The individual portion packs make them ideal for taking to work or picnics. Let your imagination fly! With more than 21% of complete protein, they are a healthy, protein-heavy, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional meat and fish options.

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All our Cricket Crackers are ENTOTRUST certified. ENTOTRUST is an independent organization, certifying the quality of food products containing edible insects. Our products have been lab-tested and met their extremely strict quality and sustainability standards.

Insects are perfectly balanced. High in protein!

High in protein

Crickets are the most sustainable protein source that nature has gifted to the planet. With more than 20% protein content these crunchy snacks are a natural source of complete protein containing the whole spectrum of amino acids essential to human biology. Our snacks are also high in essential vitamin B12, dairy free, with no added sugar. Seriously healthy snacks to keep your body singing.

Insects are perfectly balanced. High in protein!
Insects are the most sustainable protein source for human consumption
Insects are the most sustainable protein source for human consumption

Sustainable for real

Our planet first! Cricket farming has an extremely low environmental impact. Crickets require drastically less land, water, feed and energy than traditional protein sources. Really sustainable! Requiring only 10 litres of water instead of 22,000 for cows and only 15 sqm of land instead of 200 (for every kg produced). Crickets are responsible for just 1% of gas emissions. And your kids won’t have to move to Mars!

Insects are outrageously tasty. The best insect-based snack

Outrageously tasty

Lovingly handmade in the UK with only high-quality 100% natural ingredients that you can really pronounce one by one. The ingredient list is super short and there are no artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives added. When the nutty, earthy flavour of crickets is paired with wholesome ingredients you can only fell joyful. Start your taste buds and let your jaw drop down!

Insects are outrageously tasty. The best insect-based snack



Wheat flour, cricket [Acheta domesticus] powder (15%), linseed, extra virgin olive oil, tomato powder (4%), salt, oregano (0.4%), garlic.

Yes, that’s it.


For Allergens, see ingredients underlined. Contains crickets, people who are allergic to crustacean shellfish may also be allergic to crickets.